Inner Balance Trainer™

Inner Balance Trainer™

Inner Balance Wired for iPhone and Android

Inner Balance Lightning sensor for iPhone and I Pad $179.00 + Shipping & Handling

Inner Balance USB-C for Android phones and tablets      $179.00 + Shipping & Handling

The Science Behind Inner Balance

The Inner Balance technology analyzes and displays our heart rhythm, measured by Heart Rate Variability (HRV), which indicates how emotional states are affecting our nervous system. HRV offers a unique window into the quality of communication between the heart and brain, which directly impacts how we feel and perform.

The Inner Balance technology trains us to self-generate a highly efficient physiological state called HRV coherence, which helps us increase emotional composure and clearer reasoning. Recommended by health professionals worldwide, HRV coherence training has been associated with many health and performance benefits. A few minutes of daily coherence practice has been shown to reduce and prevent the negative effects of stress, such as overwhelm, fatigue and exhaustion, sleep disruption, anxiety and burnout.

HeartMath has been a pioneer in HRV research and self-regulation training for over 25 years. Over 250 independent peer-reviewed studies have been published on HeartMath technologies and methodologies.

I, my staff, and my family use the Inner Balance. Many people do not know how to intentionally create the emotional states they want. The Inner Balance Trainer is ideal for easily and effortlessly accomplishing this.
Jack Canfield, co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul® series, co-author of The Success Principles™

As a former Navy SEAL, I work with elite performers including NFL teams, Fortune 500 execs and Navy Seals using the Inner Balance. They learn to self-regulate their emotions, resulting in significant performance improvements.
Curt Cronin, former CDR (SEAL), HeartMath Certified Trainer

The Inner Balance technology can take people quickly to where they try to get to through years of meditation.
John Gray, author Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus

Inner Balance App and Sensor Features:
  • Real-time HRV feedback – Measure your heart rate variability and coherence level during live sessions.
  • Multiple sessions screens to watch your coherence in real-time or review your progress.
  • Advanced options – Four challenge levels, customizable settings and screens.
  • Charts: Coherence level, Pulse, HRV, Power Spectrum
  • Multiple breathing pacers to help you create more inner balance
  • Add your own music and positive image
  • Automatic notification when you wish run a session
  • Guided Meditations – Reducing Stress, Upgrading Meditation, Better Sleep and more.
  • Real-time coaching tips – Encouraging on-screen prompts guide your practice and help you increase coherence points.
  • Free On-line platform for users provides many extras – Track progress over time, keep journal notes, earn awards, use the daily practice plan and additional use tips. Get access to advanced training and get updates and notifications.
  • Games: not at this time
  • 60 day money-back guarantee minus shipping and handling
  • 1 year technology warranty

How it works –Download FREE Inner Balance App from Apple Store or Google Play.  Once you have downloaded the Inner Balance App, just plug in the Inner Balance™ sensor and you are ready to begin. Inner Balance incorporates an advanced heart-rate monitor, that measures even subtle changes in your heart rhythms. This type of measurement is known as heart-rate variability analysis, or HRV.  HRV analysis is a noninvasive measurement that reflects heart-brain interaction and autonomic nervous system dynamics, which are particularly sensitive to changes in your emotional state.

Heart Rhythms and Coherence –When you experience stressful emotions such as frustration, anxiety, irritation and anger, your heart-rhythm pattern becomes irregular and incoherent, negatively affecting your health, brain function, performance and sense of well-being. When you experience positive emotions such as appreciation, dignity, joy and love, your heart-rhythm pattern is more ordered and coherent.

System Requirements
  • iPhone 5 and newer
  • iPad 4th generation and newer
  • iPod Touch 4th generation and newer
  • iOS v9 and newer

Bluetooth Compatibility
Requires Bluetooth 4.0 or higher
ANDROID – v5 and newer
Sensor weight: .9 oz.
Cable length 14 in.

Package Contents:
  • iOS Inner Balance Sensor Module
  • Earlobe Sensor
  • Carry pouch
IOS Inner Balance Sensor Specs:
  • Size: 30 x 10 x 20 (mm)
  • Weight: 0.2 ounce
  • Cable length 48 inches

Inner Balance Lightning for iPhone – wired sensor for iPhone / iPad/iPod only – $129.00
Inner Balance Bluetooth for Android or iPhone – for iPhone/iPad and Android – $159.00

The only difference between the two sensors is the way they connect to your device. Both sensor options connect to the same great Inner Balance app experience.

Inner Balance Bluetooth uses BT4.0 (BLE–Bluetooth Low Energy) which works at an output power range of 0.5 milliwatts (mW) or less — this is significantly lower than mobile phones which typically have output levels between 250 mW and 2000 mW. The tiny Bluetooth emitter is in the module that attaches to your garment, not in the ear sensor. Inner Balance Bluetooth is compliant with applicable FCC tests.

iPad, iPod, iPhone and iOS, are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Inner Balance Trainer is a trademark of Quantum Intech Inc.  HeartMath is a registered trademark of the Institute of HeartMath.